Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pictures in the Park.

I'm finally trying to finish up blogging some older photos we have, so these are from back on October! If you haven't read the story of the heirloom red boots, start here...

I realized this fall that as Kenna was about to turn 3, if I didn't take a picture of her wearing the red boots and little blue dress that my mom made and saved, neither would fit her anymore! In the hubbub of late pregnancy and newborn days with Finn, I almost missed it. I still regret not taking them sooner, but thankfully, she was happy to squish into them (maybe one last time? Tears.) and we added leggings under the dress that was short on me at 2 years old, and very short on Kenna at almost 3 years old!

So here I am in the dress and boots:
And here's my pretty girl in them:
Apparently Kenna is a bit taller than Mommy was when I wore them (even with little jeans bloomers on underneath!) The weather was beautiful, and Kenna had so much fun being the center of Mommy's attention with the camera. I think she can tell there's something special about these boots. I just let her run and play and be silly with her little suitcase.
That bright red tongue is proof that her Momma may or may not have bribed her with candy for a good smile in the photos. Shhhhh.

And the beautiful red curls are all Kenna's own, her trademark.
We added some little "jeggings" to cover up those long legs. I think she looks like something out of a Sundance catalog here... she may have missed her calling as a model! Carrying around her favorite little "cutecase" as she calls it.
We were having so much fun that little brother wanted in on the action! (Truth be told, he needed his diaper changed and was getting antsy in the stroller.) We seriously have some baby models in the family.
Kenna sat down with him and I didn't do a thing other than just click away as they played together. These are some of the sweetest sibling photos we have of them so far. They absolutely melt my heart every time I look at them. Love them so.
I found one of those free canvas deals online and have this one printed on a little 8x10 art canvas in our living room. Love it!

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