Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cranky Boy.

Cranky Boy. Crabby pickle. Hey you. You earn a lot of nicknames when you are the crankiest baby of your siblings as newborns (that, or we just forgot how much babies cry).
We even took Gunnar to the pediatrician to make sure his crying wasn't something more serious- but really, it's just normal newborn behavior. You cry when you're sleepy. You cry when you're not held. You cry when there's anything whatsoever in your diaper. You cry when you're hungry (every 2 hours). So I guess it just feels like you cry all day.
But to be fair, when he's not crying he's the absolute sweetest thing, bright eyed and alert! Watching his siblings, watching the world, loving to be outside. Snoring so softly.
Sweet milky sleep after nursing so long and a tiny hand holding mine. We love him so.
Snuggled up to Mommy and finally happy- I think this will be a baby-wearing summer! Thank God for the peanut shell!

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Alisa said...

bless his little heart! poor baby. tell him it gets better and that his aunt alisa promises he'll like it here in just a few more weeks! So glad its "normal" and nothing causing him pain. xxoxxo