Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby Look-alikes.

As I uploaded photos today I had to laugh to see more of my deja vu photos that I love so much! I'm sure that with three kids fairly close in age we're bound to have several photos in which they look just alike, and I think it's fun to document them together.

Here's a fun game of big brother/little brother:

And a little episode of name... that... baby:
(KennaFinn, Gunnar)

It's amazing how all three can look so much alike and yet so different, each their own little selves! I love it. Here's another just for fun:

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Alisa said...

Such a fun game! I love how all 3 look like siblings while still very uniquely them. I've been anxiously awaiting some blog updates!! :) Makes me miss you guys like crazy!