Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Miss Expressions

When life gets tough, what better to distract yourself with than a beautiful baby girl? Kenna at six weeks old is all expressions! She's more alert and happy during the day, and loves to make faces at us. Soon there will be happy giggling and cooing going on with all these faces!

Hanging out with Mommy, and not sure what she's up to with this camera.
Yawning... are we having fun yet?

Coughing... which usually makes her mad.
Getting hungry... time to nurse a little to calm down.
The tiny "o" lips... one of Mommy's favorites!
Looking a little worried about something...
Sitting on me with her feet frogged up and little baby bird legs! I love it!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, and this post just made my day!! I loved every single one of those little expressions. Precious.
I am praying for you and your family this week, Lindsey. I've been thinking a lot about Nancy and missing both of our moms.

Anonymous said...

How adorable she is so sweet and I think she is missing her Nana and Grandaddy some. We are so excited to keep her and spoil her she is too cute.
hope you are having a good day
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Matt and Lindsey
I want you to know how wonderful to know you trusted us to keep Kenna we had such a wonderful time those 2 days went so fast. She is the most precious one Sat it was such a thrill to have allof my precious GRANDchildren they are all so wonderful and fun and entertaining. Dad and I said how we have enjoyed being parents and the priviledge of being grandparents to such wonderful 3
we enjoyed helping put those sweet at cheeks on her she loved it too
eating was a big highlight she takes after her Nana
thanks again for the joy this weekend
much love
Mom and Dad