Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Months Old!

Overnight it seems, my little newborn is two months old! Kenna is growing in leaps and bounds... gaining weight, doing better with nursing, and developing new skills and showing more personality by the day! I love the ease of this blog for keeping track of all the things I want to remember about each of her stages.

She is starting to discover that she can reach out a touch a toy, and loves to smile back at us when we smile at her. She's such a nosy little social butterfly... she will turn to look at us when we're talking, and loves to be in a room full of people, right in the middle of the action. Another specific personality trait we're seeing is her strong temper! Unfortunately, she got a double dose of temper and impatience from both Matt and I (or as Matt likes to say, she must have gotten her temper from me, because he still has his!). She also hates her car seat and will scream half the time she is in it. The minute those straps click, she loses it! She also dislikes diaper changes and getting dried off after a bath.
(these two pictures are a little older, as you can tell from the Christmas bib!)

We borrowed a bouncy seat from Aunt Alisa and Uncle Jason, and she loves it! She concentrates so hard that sometimes her eyes cross, and it's awesome to see her realize that she can make the toys move. Her favorite is the blue and yellow little giraffe, and I love to see her excitement in trying to smack it make it rattle. As any parent knows, any toy that entertains a baby for 15-20 peaceful moments are a lifesaver, so thank you Jason, Alisa, and Evan for sharing with us! We can't wait to give it back to you, oh I don't know... in June!


Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, it was like I was reading Evan's baby book already written for me!! You described my newborn Evan perfectly. I used to talk about his temper that young, too. And he would start screaming with every diaper change, car ride, and bath. We ended up borrowing a wipe warmer (although you can warm wipes with a little effort on your own), and it seriously worked like magic helping him calm down during changes. I've even seen people put warm water in a thermos and keep it at the changing table and use wash clothes with the warm water for wipes. It might be worth a try at least! I am soooo happy to hear she is loving the bouncy seat!! YAY! Evan's eyes looked JUST LIKE Kenna's in that chair: huge and adorable. I love it! I have a little toy that attaches to the car seat and works like the toys hanging on the bouncy chair. Once Evan was able to hit the toys and interact with them, this toy saved us in the car. You need to borrow it and give it a try!! .....and we just stopped giving him baths. haha!! (: It's also about time to borrow our bumbo seat, even though it is very blue. (: We should decorate it with girly stickers or something. (: I hope we can see you guys soon! Love you!

Tara said...

Wow! 2 months old already!!! What a big girl she is:) I am so glad that she is gaining weight and nursing better...and don't worry, the car rides and diaper changes will get better too! You're doing a great job as a Mom!!!!

Mom said...

Lindsey and Matt
I am thrilled she is eating and sleeping better. What a joy to see her in the outfit she looks like an angel Alisa had some great ideas and thanks Alisa for sharing. I have been out of touch but I sure loved keeping her and so anxious to do it again. I need a Kenna fix soon. I am happy you are getting some rest.
Well it is so beautiful today compared to this morning. I talked to Lisa they have a really bad ice storm and no power and cold.
I love you so much


Creech Family said...

So cute - and I saw Matt's pic with her on his FB page. Give her lots and lots of hugs and kisses from us, too! Hope you're getting a little sleep, even if it's at odd hours :) ! Have a great week -
"Mrs C" ("Granny C"!!)