Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a busy snow day for us. Randleman was blanketed with nearly 2-3 inches of snow and we tried to take advantage of it. Pontouf couldn't wait to get out into it this morning when I let her out and probably would have stayed out all day if it was not for the fact that we needed to take Kenna in for her 2 month checkup and also her first round of vaccination shots. We were so proud of how she did. The doctor approved of her weight, head size, and height and then came the shots. Our brave little girl took them in stride and minutes later was happily sucking her paci.
We headed straight from the doctor to church where I worked for a few hours before some quick grocery shopping and then back to the house where Pontouf, again, was ready to play with her white soccer ball (even though she lost it amidst all of the snow several times).
We thank God for Kenna's fantastic checkup today, for the the blessing of snow, and for a warm place to come home to. His blessings never cease!

***Edited to add***
Matt is going to call me OCD about this blog, but I had to add just a few more pictures to his post about the snow! Kenna has somehow accumulated 3 or so of these warm "bunting" type outfits, but it has yet until now been cold enough to wear them, and they are all several sizes too big. I put her in this one today that she got from her big cousin Ansley because it was the warmest looking and the prettiest! She was my little snow bunny in her white and pink cloud! Underneath it she had socks, a onesie, a fleece footie outfit, and a hat. This little one was NOT going to be cold in the snow!
Little white wizard, baby yoda, etc!

It must be as warm and snuggly as it looks, because she ended up napping pretty much all day in it, which is unusual since she hates the carseat so much! The funniest part was that her arms only went about halfway down the sleeves, so the mittens were like giant flippers every time she moved her arms at all. It reminded me of the little brother in the movie "A Christmas Story," but I think every mom thinks of that when she bundles her kid up super-tight!


Alisa said...

Awww! Kenna looks so warm and cuddly!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Kenna looks so cute my little angel all dressed up I am thrilled she got such a good Dr's report
and good news about her sleeping
love ya

Katie said...

I love the last photo! She is so cute!