Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Family Christmases

Finally- we've got some time to post Christmas pictures! We had a great Christmas holiday, and were able to spend time with both of our families in Raleigh. This year was a bit different for us in that it was the first year we had to not only travel in from out-of-town, but also travel with a baby and all her gear in tow! We also brought Pontouf, thanks to the generosity of Matt's parents and their willingness to let her stay at their house with us. This is extra special since it saves us money on a kennel for her and we get to spend Christmas as a complete family!

The Broglis

We drove in Christmas Eve afternoon, and got to relax for a little while after a 1.5 hour drive from Randleman with a screaming baby. Yes, Kenna screamed the whole way there. Luckily, Grandgraddy and Nana B were waiting with lots of hugs and snuggles to take her off our hands! Leanne brought Beckley to join us at Bayleaf's Christmas Eve service... Sandy had to stay home with Ansley since she was sick. We went back to the house together to enjoy the amazing food and open presents, as is the Brogli tradition!
Grandgraddy and the two littlest cousins, Kenna and Beckley!
Nana spent lots of time soothing these little ones... despite their faces, they had a fabulous Christmas! (LOVE that face, Beckley!)
It's such a joy and a blessing to see our family love on one another!
One of the funniest moments... the ceremonial giving of the Bebah, one of the world's strangest and ugliest toys! Thanks a bunch, Sandy and Leanne!
Mommy started a tradition of Christmas Eve jammies... how funny is Kenna's face? Hopefully that little smirk doesn't mean she'll be too cool for jammies soon!
Christmas Day afternoon, Ansley was feeling better, so all the cousins got together for a picture. (Kenna 1 month, Ansley 4 years, Beckley 3 months)

The Deans
Since Jason and Alisa are the only ones of our immediate family that still live in Raleigh, they hosted us for Christmas Day at their house. Alisa did a great job as hostess of her first Dean Christmas, honoring the memory of our first year without Mom by making sure that all of the favorite foods and traditions were included. Nana would be so proud of her hostessing skills!
The Dean's beautiful Christmas tree! Their house was decorated so beautifully, with many of the Christmasy things Nana has given us through the years.
Alisa and Evan- fully napped and ready to go in his own Christmas jammies!
We had our traditional Italian paninis for lunch instead of Christmas Eve dinner, and loads of goodies for dinner and dessert after opening our presents!
Jason and another 5 pound bag of gummy bears- I think it's becoming tradition! (We'll see if he's been able to eat them all by next Christmas).
Uncle Matt and I scored a slam dunk (pun intended) with Evan's present- a real basketball goal for this grown up boy!
Kenna got to spend some quality time with her Papa Dean as well as her Great Momma Dean!
Alisa and Jason gave our family the best present of all- another cousin for Kenna due this coming June! As her bib says, she will finally be one of the "big cousins!"

Here's to a happy and healthy 2009!


Creech Family said...

Wow! What a wonderful Christmas for all of you. Hope Kenna is feeling better and I am so glad to hear Alisa's news!
"Mrs C"

Anonymous said...

Matt and Lindsey
it was so much fun being with you all and the fellowship was so great.
It was a wonderful Christmas and so many memories and too much food.
I must say I have mellowed allowing dog in my house but we did enjoy her so much and that she followed her Nana around. i must say my GRANDCHILDREN are so womderful please know we love having our children home and I love spoinging all the children.
much love