Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Growing Girl and Busy Days

We've had so much going on recently, that our little girl seems to be growing up as quickly as we can blink. We left her in the adoring and doting hands of her Nana B and Grandgraddy (Matt's parents) for an overnight trip last weekend, and came back to find a baby instead of a newborn! When did that happen? She stayed so happy and well-fed (who isn't at the grandparents' house?) that suddenly she had fat little cheeks, some chunk to her tummy and thighs, and outgrew a diaper size! She's also getting long enough to where some of her smaller newborn clothes are too short in the feet. I still can't believe we have an almost-2 month-old baby.

Kenna at 4 weeks:
Kenna at 7 weeks:
It might not look like much growth to the naked eye, but to this Momma, my baby is getting so grown up! I even claim her cry sounds less 'newborn' and more 'baby' but Matt just says I'm crazy.

I don't feel like we've even caught a breath since she was born in November. Here's some of the major things we've been up to since Christmas:
  • We are still sleepy parents trying to adjust to even less of a schedule than we're used to. Breastfeeding for me has been really difficult, and it can be so crazy-making most of the time. We have lost all semblance of a schedule (or even night and day!) and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get the fully-functioning brain I once had back. Needless to say, we take our sleep when we can get it! (Check out those dark eye circles...)
  • We all survived bad colds between Christmas Day and New Years. Matt got sick, and passed it to me, and I passed it to Kenna. It was especially stressful for her to be sick while so tiny, her congestion and cough made her sound so terrible! Praise the Lord that the pediatrician found no signs of anything serious like pneumonia or RSV! She's doing much, much better now and just has a runny nose.
  • We traveled back to Raleigh for New Years to spend time with my side of the family, and specifically to meet my Dad's fiance, Jana Harp. He announced their engagement to us just before Christmas, and we were able to eat several meals together and attend an engagement open house at my aunt and uncle's house.
  • On January 5th, we remembered the one year anniversary of my Mom's death last year. This fact cast a pallor on Christmas and New Years for me and made it really hard to get into the spirit. It's changed the way I look at so many things, most of all, the fleeting and momentary quality of life. I never thought I'd be raising babies without the support and wisdom of my own mother, who so dearly loved the thought of having tons of grandchildren. I completely disagree that "time heals all wounds"- it seems time only brings more situations and life changes for which I need her Godly advice, and miss her all the more.
  • On January 10th, we took a whirlwind overnight trip to Arkansas to attend Dad and Jana's wedding. We traveled one leg of the trip with Jason and Alisa, and tried to help keep them sane through Evan's first airplane rides! He did really well despite all the having to sit still and threats of delayed flights. We were so grateful to be able to leave Kenna home, and not subject her to the masses during cold and flu season, especially after just having been sick. Thankfully, Matt's parents jumped at the chance to keep her overnight, and we could focus on the wedding without worrying for a second that she was in safe and loving hands! Thank you again, Nana B and Grandgraddy!

Now we are home and have hit the ground running with our normal busy-ness of life... Matt is helping plan a missions trip to Tokyo for our church this fall, and I am preparing to possibly take a trip back to Orlando to help sort more of my Moms' things since Dad and Jana will be moving to Geneva, Switzerland this summer, and will need help clearing out and packing up the house. What a busy start to 2009!

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Tara said...

You have been busy! Wow! So many things have happened- Thank you for the recap.

Know that I have been thinking and praying for you, especially since Jan. 5. There is just nothing (and no one) who can replace your mother- There will always be a whole there and, like you said so beautifully, time does not heal. It just makes you miss her all the more.

If you need any help or advice on breast-feeding, know that I am here. I breastfed N & N for 13 1/2 months and learned so much. I am happy to pass on anything that I learned that could help you, including some great books that you can read! They will help you start sleeping, I promise!!!

Anyway, know that I am thinking and praying for you!