Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Starting to Smile!

Kenna has started a new stage where she is starting to smile in response to us talking- and we LOVE it! I'm constantly hovering over her with the camera trying to get the good shot. It's amazing to see her personality blooming more and more by the day, and if I'm honest, it feels so great for her to start responding to us. Sometimes as a parent it's easy to feel like they're just little blobs of "gimme gimme" that don't realize you're a person too, desperately trying to figure out what they need!

Everyone at church says she's the spitting image of Matt, but I'm not always sure. Is she a perfect mix of the two of us like the rest of the babies in our family? Then sometimes she makes a face or opens her eyes really wide and she really does look just like her daddy. I love it! She is already almost 10 weeks old, and I can't believe it!
Like her parents, she is happiest right after she eats a nice big meal! She talks and laughs at me, and usually sticks out her tongue!
Watching the superbowl with Daddy:
Silly girls snuggling on the couch! We love this little peanut!

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Mom said...

Oh she is so sweet any cuddly she is so small and reminds me of Matt and you Lindsey I am so glad I got to see her and hold her she is so prcious.
I hope you have a great visit with your Granny and you get alot accomplished this week we will be praying for you to have a wonderful time