Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Months Already, and Catching Up!

Today our little squirt turned 3 months old! You always hear everyone talk about "how fast they grow" but I had no idea it would go by THIS fast. It's still so amazing to see her development each day and her little personality grow by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, she can turn or lift her head to look at us, can recognize our voices, and will smile and talk back when we talk to her. It is such an incredibly fun and entertaining stage! She's also starting to play a little more on her own, and will sometimes give me a little while to get things done while she's in her bouncy seat or playing with this little jungle mat that Beth Anne gave her at my baby shower. She loves it, and I took some pictures of her playing today. She is such a ham for the camera!
I also used the boppy pillow to play on her tummy some, but she doesn't like that as much. We have to work a little on strengthening those little arms to hold herself up!
Speaking of Aunt Beth Anne, Matt met with a friend for coffee in Raleigh last week, so Kenna and I tagged along so we could kidnap Beth Anne away from work for a little while to catch up! Because of the flu season and life being so busy, this was the first time she's gotten to meet her! We got to have lunch and coffee, and a nice long girly chat!
I had to laugh when I put Kenna in her swing today, because it became so obvious to me how much she is growing! It seems like she's getting longer all the time. Check out these pictures for comparison:
Kenna at one week old, so tiny and not able to hold her head up yet (don't worry, we didn't let her fall out!)
Kenna at three months and a day, hanging out in her jammies while I cleaned up the kitchen! Huge, right?! I can't believe just a few weeks makes such a difference!


Tara said...

They do grow up so fast! What a sweet post that showed just how fast time has flown...and how much she has grown!

I can remember at 3 months thinking that Nathan and Natalie "woke up!" They became so alert and interactive...such a fun age! Enjoy every minute!

Alisa said...

That sweet smile just melts my heart!

Beth Anne said...

ahhhhhhhh I LOVE THE PICTURE!!!