Monday, February 16, 2009

Floridian Adventures

Matt's week:
Just over a week ago, Lindsey and I set out for separate adventures to Florida. Lindsey set out for Orlando, Florida to finish sorting through her mom's things, and I and Jon Ferguson, the senior pastor at Forest Park Baptist church, were headed to the SBC Pastor's Conference in Jacksonville, Fla. On Thursday I set out to take Lindsey and Kenna to Raleigh to catch their plane to Tampa for our first real week apart and then head right back to catch my ride with the Fergusons to the airport Friday morning. Before leaving town, I was able to get together with Matt Creech for some pizza and then head back to Randleman. Obviously my mind and my body did not have the full conversation, because by 1 in the morning I was sick as a dog. I ended up at the ER of Randolph Hospital in Asheboro and there was told I probably had food poisoning or the Norovirus.
While I don't know what it was for sure, I do know that I felt better after being hit by the car back in October, than I did after 2 full days of whatever that was. After phoning Matt Creech to make sure he wasn't sick, he decided to come down and bring his PS3 down to keep me company. What a great friend. Then, Saturday, my parents who had been keeping Pontouf, brought her back down so I could have some company. Thanks Mom and Dad! My faithful companion would follow me to the bathroom and crawl between me and the toilet, lick my feet, and curl up beside me while I slept. I love my dog! Needless to say, I never made it to the conference, but heard from Jon that it was amazing! One of my youth ended up catching the Novovirus and had to be hospitilized for 2 days and so on Sunday, after missing church, I ran up to see him. After two hours of being propped up on a wall, everyone told me to go back home. I got home and slept for what seemed like forever. During all this, Linds was so awesome to keep texting and calling to make sure I was alive and send me pictures of my awesome baby girl. Her week away was MUCH better though, despite the incredible emotional nature of the trip.
Picture of Kenna being goofy, sent to cheer me up while sick!

Lindsey's week:
I decided while Matt was gone it would be a good time to go down to Orlando with my Grannie to sort out more of my Mom's stuff from my parents garage. With my Dad still out of the country, we hoped to get some things cleared out so that the family heirlooms wouldn't get lost in the rush when he moves internationally this summer. Also, we wanted to take the opportunity for Kenna to get to spend a little more time with Grannie, to get to meet her Pop Pop, and to see the places where we grandkids spent "Grannie Camps" in the summer growing up!

The first half of the trip was daunting and a little discouraging, to be honest. Kenna did great on the flight, but sorting through the garage ended up being a much larger job than we really thought! Just walking into Mom's house again and seeing all her things again was emotionally heavy. It really struck me this trip that this is the last time that there will be a house or a place where all the memories of my Mom can still exist. After my Dad moves, that place will be gone. It was also really hard to get anything done with Kenna there... she is still in the stage where she can't entertain herself very long and nurses so often.
Kenna in the garage- her face says it all.

I kept wanting to take pictures of Kenna at Nana's house, even though the fact that Nana was not there broke my still-hurting heart all over again. I took a few pictures anyway, mostly for posterity and so that I can show Kenna someday.
Kenna and Mommy at Nana's house
Kenna taking a nap in beautiful blankets- Nana loved her blue and white!

We found some family treasures, and I was grateful for that, but by the third full day there, Grannie and I were exhausted and emotionally spent, and decided to call it quits. We still miss Mom so profoundly.

The second half of the trip went better. At Grannie's house, the weather was gorgeous, and the beach was only a block away! Kenna got to meet her great-Pop Pop for the first time. He hasn't been able to travel much in the past year, so we were glad to be able to have the chance to go to him! I think all of us grandchildren have pictures of Pop Pop holding us like this as babies... now we are having babies of our own! I feel so lucky and blessed that three of my grandparents are still healthy and active enough to be a part of my children's lives!
Between Kenna's naps, she gave me about 30 minutes a day to enjoy the beach on the two days we were in Clearwater. The weather was perfect! The first day I didn't time it very well, and she screamed half the time, but Grannie was incredibly sweet to hold her for a bit so I could take a little walk on the beach! The second day, Kenna snuggled down out of the wind and slept on my chest, so Grannie and I were able to take a longer, leisurely walk together! I think Kenna (like her Mommy) enjoyed the loud sound of the wind and the crashing surf!
The neighborhood beach access in Clearwater... can you imagine living a block from this? 76 degrees and sunny in February!
I'm learning as a mom that sometimes you just laugh and try to enjoy it anyway, even if your kiddo isn't cooperating!
Gran keeping Kenna company while Mommy takes a walk!
Such beautiful weather! I forgot how good it feels to wear flip flops- I could have stayed for a month! I can't wait until Kenna is old enough to enjoy the water!

Suddenly, it was time to go back to the airport and say goodbye! I'm so glad that Kenna is a good traveler... unbelievably, she slept silently from takeoff to landing on all three of the flights it took to get to Tampa and back (we went through Nashville on the way there)! We'll get to see Grannie again when she comes to Raleigh later this month.
The flight attendants on Southwest airlines gave Kenna a "my first flight" certificate to put in her baby book!
Daddy was there waiting for us at RDU. We missed him so much! It won't officially be Kenna's first Grannie Camp until Daddy can go with us!

Although it was too cold to swim on this trip, it's rumored in our family that all you need for Grannie camp is a swimsuit and a smile... if so, Kenna is all set for this summer! We can't wait to go back!


Alisa said...

Awwww.... Kenna has grown SO MUCH since the last time I saw her. She is truly coming into her own and looking less "newborn" and more Kenna. She is absolutely beautiful!! I look forward to hearing about your trip in more detail when we get together later in the month. I hope you will be able to come to Raleigh Feb. 28! Love you!

Alisa said...

Did I mention your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!?! Seriously, she is gorgeous! Such a little cutie pie.