Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tubby Time!

Kenna has graduated from her bear-shaped sponge we used to lay her on for her baths to her own big bathtub! We love our Primo bathtub that we got for 5 bucks at the Kid's Exchange! It is molded with a bump in the middle so you can use it for infants laying down on one side, then turn and use the other side when they're sitting up! I think this is genius. (Picture thanks to amazon.com!)
It has only been recently that she has started to like the bath. I think the fact that she can be submerged in the water a little more with this bathtub makes a big difference! I made Matt come take some pictures of her while I bathed her. She didn't love it at first, to be honest (this picture is actually from one of her baths last week- I can tell she is growing!)
But then realized, hey, this could be good!
I love how chubby she looks!Big chillin' in the bathtub! She was all grins today. She's starting to kick and splash but doesn't realize yet that she's doing it.
I love that little foot!
This picture is purely hilarious to me. It shows her little personality so well!
We love this silly little monkey!


Tara said...

What a cutie! Bath time is so much fun (and what a very cool bathtub!)

MacLeans in Mali said...

She is so beautiful- every time you post new pictures of her I am amazed. Honestly, she's one of the prettiest baby girls I've seen.

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sherri! I think she's beautiful too, but I'm a little biased :)

rosebrogli4u said...

how adorable she is so cute and I can't wait to see her she looks beautiful please give her kiss for me and tell her that NAna love s her and can't wait to hold her.
Hope you are doing well and things are going good.
we love you
Moma nd Dad

Tracey said...

she is so cute! bailey loves her bath now (as opposed to screaming her head off the first month of her life!)...it's amazing how fast they grow. she's adorable! :)