Saturday, January 19, 2008

So we finally crossed over into the dark side and started a "family blog" where, most likely, pictures of our puppy Pontouf will reign supreme. Technically she's over a year old and not really a puppy anymore, but she is a lot of fun.
Just a little bit about us: Matt is currently a real estate agent, and God used some recent unexpected events in our lives to strengthen our faith collectively as a couple and reaffirmed our belief that we are called to full-time ministry of some sort. Since this definitely means a change of our jobs, day-to-day routines, and possibly even a move to a new city or state, we thought it would be fun to start a brand-new blog to record it all. Plus, we both really enjoy writing, so it's nice to have an outlet for that as well.

Right now we're waiting to hear back from a few job applications at a few churches and praying to see what the next step will be. Waiting is the hard part, but I know we'll both be excited to get started once we find out for certain.

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