Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Making Family Traditions

This weekend, we went on another long walk around Falls Lake, which is quickly becoming one our favorite new family traditions for Sunday afternoons. The weather was especially awesome, and we like it so much because it is such a blast to take Pontouf with us. We start out at the Dam where there are usually lots of families and folks walking around too, then walk down and around by the edge of the lake. There's much fewer people there, so we let her off her leash and she runs around... chasing birds, drinking out of the lake, exploring, jumping over and under fallen trees, and running back and forth as fast as her little legs can carry her (which is surprisingly fast!) She'll run off a little ways and then come right back when we call her. Well, you can imagine this is a lot of activity for a little pup, and quite a bit more than she gets on a regular daily basis... and it completely wears her out! She crashed out when we got home and slept all afternoon, and then this is what we found when we got in bed to do our bible study:

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