Friday, September 12, 2008

Growing Families!

We went to Greensboro first thing yesterday morning for our 28 week check-up, aka the glucose test. After drinking a ridiculously sugary, nasty, flat orange soda tasting drink (a whole bottle in less than 5 minutes at 9 am) I had my blood drawn to test for gestational diabetes. It wouldn't have been that bad to drink if I didn't have to chug it down so quickly (by the last gulp I was worried I might see it again!). If I don't hear anything today, then all is probably well.. if not, I most likely will have to cut back on the fries and soda, which I should be doing anyways, so that's not the end of the world. I just pretty much refuse to take my own blood everyday and keep a chart. I think OBs are a little trigger-happy with how much they diagnose gestational diabetes these days.

After the appointment, we headed straight into Raleigh to Rex Hospital to see our new nephew!!! Beckley William Edwards was born on Sept. 10th at about 9pm, weighing exactly 8 pounds and 21 inches long!
We are so happy this little guy made it here safe and sound! Uncle Matt and Aunt Lindsey were on hand for lots of pictures, and Grandgraddy and Nanna brought Ansley over after school. The whole family is excited at how fast our family is growing! Baby K will have a cousin only about 11 weeks older than her, and Ansley is obviously thrilled to have a baby brother.
Sandy and Leanne say now their family is complete... they are done with the baby-having! I think they are thrilled to have one of each, especially after not finding out Beckley's gender throughout the whole pregnancy. What a great surprise!
Congratulations to the Edwards! We love you guys and are so excited for you!

Taking all these pictures of a sweet healthy boy reminds me a lot of when Evan was born, and makes me even more excited for when our baby is born! I must be a big fan of this type of picture (or maybe it is just 'my style') because there were two very familiar ones of Uncle Matt with Beckley and Evan!
And I can't wait to take one of our baby just like this! Who can resist all these sweet babies?! It's so great to see both families growing!


Jason said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!! Please send our blessings to the proud new parents. See you Sunday!

Jason said...

oops....that message was from me, Alisa...not Jason. (:

Alisa said...

PS--Love the middle name. (: They have great taste. haha!

Creech Family said...

Oh, congrats to Sandy and Leanne!!! What a joy (and tell them not to be too hasty about that "full family" thing!). Look forward to seeing you all soon!!
"Mrs C"