Thursday, September 18, 2008

Matt's Ordination

This past week was a really busy week for us, culminating in Matt's ordination service at FPBC. Matt had to prepare his usual Sunday school lesson and youth group lesson, plus prayerfully deciding on a topic to preach about on Sunday for his first time preaching before the church, so it was a busier week than usual for him. He felt led to preach about how believers should be setting a Godly example for each other as well as those who don't know Christ, and I thought he did a wonderful job! I love how passionate Matt is when he preaches... I got to hear two versions of it since I offered to let him rehearse in front of me.
Our Brogli, Dean, and Garris family members at church after the ordination service.

Meanwhile, I planned a lunch at our house for after the service for about 15 family members, friends, and their kiddos... we also cleaned the whole house the week of and added some finishing touches like hanging pictures. My Dad and Grannie stayed with us for the weekend, and the whole family really pitched in to help so that I wasn't the crazy pregnant woman trying to do it all. My Uncle and Aunt who live in South Carolina even made the drive to be with us, which was such a special addition! It was definitely all worth it to be able to have so many loved ones all together to celebrate a milestone in Matt's ministry.Relaxing at our house after the service... my brother, uncle, dad, and husband all apparently got the blue shirt memo!
Pastor Jon and Matt at the end of the service.
Matt with his two proud Dads (his and mine)!

Matt will get the chance to preach again in a few weeks since our pastor's family is going on vacation. It was so nice to get to introduce our church family to our family family, and get the chance to share our new home with them! Congratulations Matt, I am so proud of you!

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Creech Family said...

What a special time and so wonderful that so many of both families got to share it with you. You need to podcast Matt sometime and send us the links, OK?