Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Months!

This weekend Kenna turned 6 months old, and man alive is the time flying! We are enjoying this happy little sweetheart so much as we watch each new stage and development happen. I feel so blessed to know that I get to be her Mommy through each and every one!

Newborn Kenna, hot off the presses:
2 Weeks Old:
One Month Old:
2 Months Old:
3 Months Old:
4 Months Old:
5 Months Old:
And here is what our big girl is up to as she starts her 6th month- I think this little talker just loves to experiment with the sound of her own voice. What a squirt!
(video to come, I can't get it to upload!)

She can also often be found hanging out with cousins and eating pizza with NanaB and Granddaddy!


Tara said...

Wow, how neat to see how much she's changed in just 6 months! Time does fly!

Lisa said...

She is too cute!!! Kenna needs to come spend some time with her cousins in Lexington...soon! Sloan would be her "big sister" as she tries to be for all, but in a loving way :) Enjoy these moments !! A former day care teacher came to our ballgame last night and saw the boys and could not believe how they had grown up. She said, "Just yesterday I was giving Maclain his bottle and he would inhale it in such a short amount of time. Now look at him, so grown up." I said, "Yes, he was our little Pissbury Dough Boy and now I beg him to eat!" Ahhhh...I long for a few of those days with him again, all of them actually...Enjoy the bliss as I call it....Thanks for sharing your blog with all of us. It makes us feel a part of your lives even thoug the miles separate us...Love..Lisa and Crew

Bruce Ashford said...

Matt, what's up man? Kenna and Lindsey are beautiful! You are a blessed man.