Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting to "Scootch"

Kenna has started this little "scootching" stage, where she is not quite strong enough to push up on her arms to start trying to crawl, but she loves to roll around and scootch back and forth. When we put her to bed in the middle of her crib, she plays around to keep herself awake and this is usually what we find:
Just when we think she's out for the night (or for a nap) we hear her toys rattling or find her teddy bear flung across the crib. Also, she hates to have covers on her and will kick them off eventually no matter what we do. It makes me feel like such a mom to come in when she's finally asleep and put the covers back over her little legs. We always laugh at how she sleeps so spread out... such a silly baby!

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