Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

We had a very busy, but very good Mother's Day this year. Matt has really started to take to the Dean tradition of celebrating a day all week long! Saturday, he sent me out minus Kenna for a relaxing afternoon of getting a pedicure and some coffee, and wandering Target all by myself. It was great! I read magazines, browsed the clothes, and wandered the makeup aisle like I was in high school again! I even came home with a new pair of sandals and some nail polish.

I woke up Sunday morning to pink roses and freshly baked cinnamon buns! I told Matt he has set the bar really high for next year (and for me planning his first Father's Day in June!) First on the agenda was having Kenna dedicated at Bayleaf's morning service, and were so glad to have both families there with us. Even Dad happened to be in town at the right time, and was able to bring my grandmother!

Bayleaf really does a great service, complete with photo collages of each child while they are up front. Luckily, Leanne thought to take a picture of it for us, since I didn't even think to turn around and look while we were up there! I had sent in some of my absolute favorite pictures of Kenna:
It was especially nice to have Pastor Marty dedicate her, since he has been such an encouragement and good influence for our family. He is a great pastor who truly practices in his own life what he preaches from the pulpit, which is wonderful and rare these days! Kenna very obediently sat and listened as he prayed over her. I think she was enthralled by all the lights she could see from up on the stage.
After church, the whole group headed to Matt's parents house for a huge meal, in the Brogli tradition. I guess that is what you get when you combine two such wonderful cooks! Even though the weather didn't work out for eating outside, we brought the food from the grill inside and it was incredible. Kenna got to spend time with all three of her cousins!

Kenna and Beckley are only 2 months apart in age- it's already so fun to see them grow up together! (I have a way cuter picture of them reaching out to each other, but it was uploading sideways no matter what I did!)
I think Ansley is happy to have another girl in the family, and Kenna loves her big girl cousin!
Soon Evan will have a baby sister and Kenna will have another cousin close in age!

After lunch, we went home for just a few minutes and then headed back out to Chapel Hill to see Jason graduate! We were so excited to be there to see him graduate with his MBA. Kenna sat in Papa's lap the whole time, and other than a good set of hiccups, didn't make a peep the whole time! Evan was hilarious, clapping excitedly for all the award recipients and graduates. I think the clapping was his favorite part!
It has been two long years for their family of Jason working and being in school, and I know they must be relieved to be done. What an accomplishment! Congratulations, Jason! (Thanks, Alisa, I stole these from your blog!)
Even though it was late, after graduation we took the opportunity to go out to dinner with Dad while he was in town. After a dinner at Chili's and taking Momma Dean home, we didn't get home until almost 1 am! Good thing Kenna is pretty good about sleeping in her carseat- we were exhausted, but what a great day!

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