Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and Two November Girls!

As you can tell from our lack of updates here, we've had a really busy month! That tends to happen with Thanksgiving and our two November birthdays (Kenna's and mine) all in the same week! We started off on Sunday with a very happy little party to celebrate how much our sweet little girl has grown up this year!
Happy first birthday, Kenna!
Uncle Creech took some amazing pictures for us (including the one above) so that we could sit back and enjoy the party! We had the perfect amount of food, family, and friends who we consider family all in one place. (ps- This is my first attempt at uploading a slideshow, and it doesn't include pictures of everyone, but I did not want to hold off on posting this any longer, so here they are!)
On Thursday, we did double duty for Thanksgiving dinners and got to spend time with both sides of our family on one day! We had a delicious lunch with Matt's family, and then got to host my family for the first time. Matt made the most incredible turkey, and we had all the fixin's including three pumpkin pies. He is really the cook between the two of us! (I'm realizing now I did a terrible job of taking photos of this holiday!)

At the Brogli's:
At our house:
I definitely was fed well on my birthday (haha) starting with a dinner with the Deans, then lunch after church with the Broglis! Sunday night, Matt and I left Kenna home with Papa and got to go out on our first real date in what feels like quite awhile! We had dinner at Twisted Fork, and then went to see the Blind Side, which turned out to be pretty good.
We wrapped up the night by picking up some milk and other essentials at the store (you know you're a grown-up when!). I ate crab dip and dessert at lunch AND dinner yesterday. That right there is the sign of a good birthday.
Birthday Girls!

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Tara said...

I LOVE the picture of the two of you!!!! Happy birthday to both Brogli girls! And Happy Thanksgiving too!!!