Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sweet Little Cousins

We had a great Christmas this year, and yet again were able to spend time with both sides of our family! We are so blessed with awesome families, and it is so fun to see our kids start to grow up together. This is the first year they were able to really interact and play, and they just really love each other. There was lots of toy sharing, snack eating, hugs, sippy cup borrowing, and present opening together. Kenna is just two months apart from Beckley (Matt's sister's little boy) and just six months apart from Emerson (my brother's little girl) and it's really great to have them at the such close age levels. She also has two older cousins to look up to: Ansley who is five (Brogli side) and Evan who is almost three! (Dean side). Sorry if this all sounds a little over-sentimental, these are just some fun things about the stages they are all at that I want to remember for our photo albums!

We got some great pictures of our happy little campers this Christmas.

The Brogli/Edwards cousins:
Ansley Bug (5 years) Kenna Bear (13 months) and Beckley Boy (15 months)

Doesn't that group hug just melt your heart? These are some super active kids, so I'm amazed we got them all to sit still together for even a minute. But it seems like if one of them starts to hug, they all want to hug each other! They've even been known to give some pretty big smootches. The little jumper Kenna is wearing was a hand-me-down from Ansley- it makes me happy to think of them being connected in that way, and makes me a little less sad to think about how quickly they are all growing up and outgrowing things! I was amazed to see Ansley sit and write out her name and several other words. Beck is constantly on the move, and Kenna is about 15 teeth behind him- she has some catching up to do!

The Brogli/Dean cousins:
Evan Buddy (2 years) Emmie Grace (6 months) Kenna Bear (13 months)
Matching girly girls!

It totally cracks me up that the girls have the same amount of hair and it is the exact same color! The girls are wearing little matching outfits that their great-Grannie gave them. Evan was much more excited to help them open their gifts than worry about what anybody was wearing. Good thing Kenna and Emmie both love big kids so much! Evan is speaking noticeably more words and more clearly... he had a blast playing with the Jesus toys (kid's nativity) and knew all of the members of the family- Joseph, Baby Jesus, and "Mary Mommy." Emmie is sitting up and babbling, very obviously holding her own with these big cousins.

We love all these kiddos so much! I love waiting to see how much they will change with each year and each Christmas. I think no matter what, they will always be little cousin friends.

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