Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas 2009 Photos

I admit, like many people, I can get a bit obsessive about "the perfect" Christmas card picture. This tends to be one area that the Lord continually has to teach me to keep my attitude in check, to remember what this season is really about, and to know that I am not perfect.. so to try to present myself as perfect by obsessing over "the perfect" Christmas picture can make me pretty ridiculous.

We did a good job at staying easygoing and lighthearted while trying to take some at home in front of our tree, but with little to no natural light and a cranky, nap-needing baby, we were getting some not-so-great results from our attempts with our timer. So we finally broke down and went to the professionals. Picture People is doing a special right now where if you bring a brand new toy to donate to Toys for Tots they give you two sheets of portraits for free! Since a 10x13 enlargement counts as one "sheet" we decided that would be a great way to get a family portrait that we could also use for our Christmas card photo. We ended up having a really good time getting them done- Kenna is such a ham for the camera and tends to charm the pants off anyone that she is around. Maybe we should look into baby modeling!

Here are our favorites:
Kenna had so much fun playing in the little sled with the fake snowball. We also had some taken of her standing up and holding onto a little tiny prop ottoman that was so cute.

It's really hard these days to get a picture with all three of us in it (especially where Matt and I are not making crazy faces because we've been giggling maniacally and tickling a baby trying to get her to smile) so I'm so thankful that we have these lovely ones to remember this time, this stage, and this little window of our little one who is growing oh-so quickly.

Each year, I try to let go of a little more of my perfectionist tendencies and appreciate that the little imperfections in each photo means we are real people, imperfect sinners saved by the grace of a perfect Savior! I want to focus more on my love for a husband who will put on a collared shirt knowing that "let's just try one more" means at least 10 more photos, and for a baby who absolutely loves to smile and can light up anyone in a room with her laughter. Merry Christmas!

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Tara said...

What wonderful pictures!!! They turned out so good!!! Merry Christmas to your family too!