Friday, September 17, 2010

16 Weeks and 21 Months!

So as you can tell, I'm not very good at this weekly update thing... skipping from 11 weeks to 14 weeks to 16 weeks! But this pregnancy really does feel like it's going twice as fast, which is good because I feel about twice as big as I did with Kenna at this point. I'm grateful that it feels faster though, because I think I very much underestimated how much more energy it takes to be pregnant and have a toddler around!

How Far Along: 16 weeks! Almost halfway done.

Size of baby: the size of an avocado, plus its "bubble wrapping" as Matt says.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think still just 2 pounds, although the OB said I had lost a pound since my last appointment.

Maternity Clothes: A sweet friend from church loaned me a big bag of maternity clothes, and another one gave me a Motherhood Maternity gift card almost the minute she found out we were expecting- so grateful to these generous ladies! It's SO nice to have some wardrobe options.

Gender: Our appointment is set for Oct. 5th- praying that little one will cooperate!

Movement: There have been two times I've thought I've felt movement, but it's hard to know for sure this early.

What I miss: Sleeping in!

Sleep: Still lots of strange dreams, and having a hard time getting back to sleep after I wake up to go to the bathroom.

I think I have officially entered the clumsy stage that I knew was coming-twice this week I've dropped Kenna's yogurt on the kitchen floor & it exploded everywhere (including some on the dog). I've been extra weepy the past few days, and have had trouble sleeping for several weeks because my nose gets so stuffy at night. Weird!

Cravings: Apples, apples, apples! I've been eating apples, apple chips, and apple juice like it's going out of style!

Best Moment this week: Getting an unexpected look at our baby this week at the OB- they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler because the baby was "hiding" behind my bladder, so we got to do an ultrasound instead! And baby still looks nice and healthy.

What I am looking forward to: Looking more pregnant- not just like I've gained 15 pounds or something. Also, getting the nursery set up & Kenna switched over to her big girl room!

Kenna is growing in leaps and bounds- it seems like each day she is doing a new task that we didn't know she could do or repeating something after us that we've never heard her say. 20 to 21 months has been a big boom for her as far as word acquisition.

Recent words she's been saying:
-hi, howareya (she got this from imitating me on the phone, and says it all as one word)
-bubbles (sometimes comes out "bubs" or "bobbies" if she's really excited)
-Loola (our nickname for our dog)
-Ash (our neighbor's dog)
-no ma'am!
-hi, bear! (said to her teddy bear when she found it in the dryer)
-bye bye Loola (whenever we leave the house)

And new tasks:

Recognizing/pointing out family members by name in photos on the fridge, saying "Nana" when we drive up to Nana B & Granddaddy's house, etc.

Talking on the phone... she will babble for ages when there is someone on the line to listen to her! It is hilarious to see her walking around with the phone, talking with her hands, not letting the other person get a word in!

She will go get us things we ask for (such as a diaper) or go put something in the trash if we hand it to her.

Recognizing the difference between hungry and thirsty, and telling us yes or no about things she wants to eat (usually if she says yes she really will eat it.)

Opening the fridge and getting something for herself (sometimes a bad thing... we were putting away groceries yesterday, and she was trying to tear into a block of cream cheese & eat it like a cheese stick!)

Has enough teeth to eat "big foods" that you bite into, such as apples, and will usually help herself to one if she can find one.

Making animal sounds (moo, baaa, etc) for cow, sheep, pig, dog, horse, and sometimes a duck.

As the weather changes into fall and the weather gets a bit chillier, I keep remembering being on "the countdown" to having her this time two years ago... and now she will be turning 2 in less than 2 months and becoming a big sister in less than 6 months!

Here's a cute video of her playing with a bubble machine on our porch. Thanks to Aunt Leanne for helping us find the good kind that makes the bubbles automatically!

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