Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Dinner!

Last week we went out for a family dinner to celebrate Nana B's birthday (which was actually this week, happy birthday!). We were going to try out a new Italian restaurant near Wakefield, and we got a call from Granddaddy right before we left the house... we were supposed to get there a little early and be ready to sing happy birthday because Nana was getting an extra special surprise birthday gift:
a new car!

The faces in this next photo are hilarious... Kenna is pointing at the car, Nana didn't realize right away that it was for her, and Sandy had driven up in it just minutes before she got there! (Granddaddy looks like maybe the surprise didn't quite go like he thought?)
After all the excitement, we went inside and enjoyed a delicious Italian-bistro style dinner and lots of fun cousin and grandparent time! Love these girly girls:
Check out that cheesy pizza!
A little mister also had a September birthday! Beckley boy turned 2 on September 10th!
Kenna enjoyed helping herself to Granddaddy's chicken parm and sweet tea... luckily he is always gracious enough to share!
Coloring with Nana B:
After dinner we each got to take a little spin in the parking lot in Nana B's new toy... Happy Birthday Nana B!


Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Love her new car! What a fun surprise evening!

Jenn & David said...

that is so sweet! I know she was excited. Glad you all had a wonderful birthday celebration.