Friday, September 24, 2010

17 Weeks and a 22 Month Old.

Our little stinker turned 22 months old yesterday... the countdown to a 2nd birthday is officially on us! I took her to get "18 month" pictures last week... we have only really taken her for the professional ones about once every 6 months, somehow the 18 month ones really got away from me! I'm realizing now I didn't even blog about her 6 month or 12 month ones that we combined with our Christmas ones if you want to see them! I will blog more about these because it was a kinda funny story.
And the pregnancy:
How far along:
17 weeks and starting to feel quite pregnant!

Size of Baby:
I think this week is a turnip.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:
5 pounds, trying to keep on track!

Maternity Clothes:
In addition to the things I wrote about last week, I'm so grateful for maternity clothes this week. My sister-in-law let me tag along to a consignment sale with her and shop on her consignor's number so that I got 75% off of everything I bought for myself and Kenna! I got 6 pieces of great condition maternity clothing, mostly nice sweaters, for only $8!! Then last night I stopped by the share shop at school before my class and found several more pieces! The share shop is such an amazing ministry at SEBTS- it's like a goodwill/thrift store that students and others donate to and then seminary students can "shop" there for free. We have been so thankful for them this past year. I found several great maternity tshirts and almost cried when I found a pair of corduroy pants from Target in my maternity size brand new with the tags on! Praise the Lord!

Can't wait to find out- I'm ready to be able to plan what we'll need for the nursery & how much of Kenna's stuff we can reuse!

I can feel little one hanging out around my belly button recently. He or she must have lots of room to wiggle because I've been able to feel him/her gently rolling around the past few days. When I lay very flat on my back with my belly stretched out, Matt can feel him/her too!

What I miss:
Nothing, really. I'm ready to actually look pregnant though, not just like I'm putting on weight.

Still having crazy and slightly disturbing dreams. I've been waking up once a night to use the bathroom, always exactly between 5 and 5:30 am... you could set a clock to me.

Nothing new, but still lots of cravings. Apples, plain potato chips, and barbeque sandwiches.

Best Moment this Week:
Feeling the baby roll over, and Matt being able to feel him/her already.

What I'm looking forward to:
Knowing which gender to plan for and name!

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leah said...

You can feel your baby?!?! How cool, I just can't wait for this part! Hopefully soon!