Monday, June 20, 2011

Rolley Poley!

Either Finn is much more physical than Kenna was, or I've just forgotten how quickly these things happen, but at 3 months he is already rolling all over the place and almost flipping himself out of the bumbo! Whenever he gets real mad, he arches his back and pushes hard with his feet (which was how the bumbo flip nearly happened).

In fact, this is how he likes to sit in the bumbo recently- anxious to get out into the action!
The other day when Kenna was taking a late nap, I took the chance for Finn to have some uninterrupted (aka safe from sister) tummy time one-on-one with Mommy. Next thing I knew, he had rolled right off the blanket, and did so several more times when I put him back on it!
He was pretty proud of himself, too. Quit growing up so fast, buddy. Be Mommy's baby just a little bit longer, please?

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