Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Doin'?

Anytime we are out of eyesight of Kenna for awhile, she will come back and ask us, “what doin’?” We are keeping busy as a new family of four, so busy that I feel like I can barely get enough pictures of how fast these kiddos are growing up! So here’s what we’re doin’ recently:

We love having Daddy at home with us in the mornings before work. Usually Matt gets up with Kenna while I am nursing Finn and they get a little Daddy/daughter time together. I got out of the shower the other morning to find this super sweet sight… Daddy reading a book to both kiddos.
Kenna loves to hold and snuggle Finn as much as we will let her, while waiting for us to be ready for some morning errands and lunch together before Matt headed to work. We love seeing them love on each other.
Finn is 3 months old (as of June 1st) and absolutely growing up like a weed! He literally looks bigger to me each morning when he wakes up and is flying through his clothing sizes. He loves to smile and coo at us, and really loves watching anything his big sister is up to! She thinks it's great when he looks at/smiles at her, or when he gives her open-mouth little kisses on the cheek! He has started to chuckle, which is hilarious, and can basically roll over from back to belly- I am so not ready for him to be mobile!
He is just so happy! A very, very sweet, laid-back and easy baby!
Another recent fun morning activity is the exersaucer... Finn is just barely big enough to sit in it, and Kenna loves to help out by showing him what all the toys do.
We got Kenna one of those little $5 plastic pools for our back porch and she LOVES being out in the water! Rain or shine, this little girl can always be found out splashing or drawing “letters” with her “special colors” (aka: sidewalk chalk). We have bunches and bunches of cute pictures of her out on the porch because she’s out here every chance she gets! She absolutely loves to strip down to her diaper and spray Pontouf, herself, and everything in sight with the garden hose.
The perfect place for popsicles.
Kenna also has a favorite special treat that she’s been constantly asking for. We got some ice cream on the way home from the beach and discovered that McDonald’s makes their Mcflurries in a snack size… the perfect little kid portion! So we got her vanilla with M&Ms in it, and now she is crazy for the “yellow ice cream with candy in it” as she says. It’s real cute.

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