Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 and 8 Months.

Oh, Finn you poor sad second-born. Mommy really is trying to document your childhood as well as she did your big sister's! I promise. My only attempt at an excuse is that you turned 7, 8, and 9 months old on the first of each of the busy "holiday" months... October, November, and December.

You are still the stinkin' happiest baby we've ever seen. About 98% of the time you are just giggly, sweet, snuggly, smiley, and sweet spirited. Good natured and quick to chuckle that awesome laugh. You have to get noticeably hungry or cranky to break stride from being so laidback.

In the past few weeks you've started pulling up to standing, which usually means you get stuck standing up in your crib and have to be rescued. Even though it's a bit frustrating (I can't lay you in your crib until you're completely asleep or else you get stuck and angry and won't go back to sleep without being picked up) it is pretty darn cute and there's nothing better than the way I feel when I get to comfort you. I've tried to show you how to let go and plop back down, but it's new and you get this terrified look on your face, so I'm trying to be patient.

Some 7 month photos of you:

You are the lightest sleeper! I haven't quite gotten used to it. With Kenna I could sneak back in the room and grab something if I needed to, but with you I have to be careful even cracking the door slightly open to check on you. You conk out like a light for your morning nap, but fight your afternoon nap with the double dose of stubbornness we've passed down to you. The one sure bet to get you to sleep is to put you in the car seat and go somewhere... as long as the car is moving, you sleep!

You are SO on the move. Bouncing in the exersaucer. Climbing us like a tree when we hold you. Crawling everywhere and investigating everything (you're getting fast, too!). Knocking over buckets of toys, stomping and taking little steps when we hold your hands. You are impossible to keep still while changing your diaper, and you even roll over when you're nursing. You have the most vicious little pincer grip ever, and I'd be impressed except that it hurts so bad when you pinch!

Some 8 month photos:

You have the most fantastic little belly chuckle laugh. I need to make sure I get a video of it. You already love to rough around a little and are so ticklish! You love to make noises... you have a hilarious little growl when you're trying to get our attention, a pterodactyl-like shriek when you're bored, and love to babble with your hand on your mouth. One of your favorite games is talking loudly while I jiggle your jaw. You have the most delicious baby double chin that makes it extra cute and funny.

I think I was in denial of how fast you are growing up until you ate more turkey than I did at Thanksgiving dinner- real, grown-up non-baby pieces of turkey. I feel like you practically turned into a toddler with one meal. And you haven't looked back since... ham, black beans, and graham crackers are some current favorites.

You absolutely love playing with your sister, and it never takes much for her to get you giggling. She loves to say repetitive things to you, bounce something near you (like a balloon), and splash you in the bath, all of which you think is just hilarious. Speaking of splashing, you're big enough to sit up in the "big bath" with her now and you think you are big stuff.

I can't believe what a big grown up little one you are already!

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