Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kenna turns 3! part 2

After a fantastic birthday party in Raleigh, Kenna got the special honor of flying on an airplane ON her actual birthday- to Florida for our Thanksgiving trip to Grannie and Pop Pop's house! Once we arrived, we discovered that Jana and Grannie had organized a surprise princess party for Kenna complete with a strawberry cake, princess dress up clothes, and a cupcake pinata! Thanks Jana and Grannie!

 Kenna's special strawberry princess cake! 

 Kenna opening a special present all the way from Nairobi from Jana!
 Finn decided that the party was for the birds and headed up into the nearest tree...with a little help!
 Dad had a bit of technical difficulties with getting the candles to light- must be all that breeze off the Gulf! 
 Finn decided that a princess party could be tolerable if he got to be a prince- Kenna kept calling it the "king hat."
 Everybody got in on the cupcake pinata action and that thing was tough to crack. Each kiddo took turns, but it was truly not trying to budge! After 20 minutes of whacking and chopping, we ended up having to grab a corner and *get it started* for the kids in a pretty large way and Evan took it out. The big giant cupcake itself, even once emptied, proved fun for the girls to play with for days afterward!

It was a special time down at Grannie's celebrating our little blessing from God who happens to be getting very big! Happy Birthday Kenna! 

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