Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All "New" Nursery!

When we found out we'd be having a boy with Finn, since we'd have one of each, we'd make the kids' rooms a little more specific (this mostly coming from the fact that both of us wanted our boy to have a very masculine little room!). I remember sitting on the bed in the guest bedroom while Matt painted it green to make it Kenna's new "big girl" room, just barely pregnant with Finn.

The very first thing we did for a boy nursery was to paint a chocolate brown focal wall- I was SO excited that Matt was up for this idea! He helped me pick out the perfect brown, chocolate truffle by Martha Stewart's paint line at Home Depot. It seriously looked like we were painting the wall with chocolate, so much so that I started craving chocolate milk when we were rinsing the brushes! Painting in progress:
It ever-so slightly darkens the room, but I love how it looks behind the white crib. Then we started adding in some other fun more masculine details. I took down all the girly stuff and started hanging up some manly things. I made a giant monogram and loved how it turned out.

I absolutely love redecorating, and really love the challenge of trying to make things fun on as small a budget as possible. It's so fun to have one of each gender to decorate for!

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