Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Girl Room!

I didn't really decorate as much as I wanted to with Kenna's nursery- we moved when she was only about 4 months old and after that I just never really took the time to get it super-coordinated... I tend to not be a very matchy-matchy person anyways. Part of it was that we tried to be extra practical when it came to all the things we registered for that we'd be receiving brand new, we tried to make those as neutral as possible in hopes that they'd last for multiple kiddos, but looking back that kind of backfired since neutral seems to feel to masculine for a girl and too girly for a boy.

For Kenna's big girl room I wanted it to be a little more girly. We had a lot of fun transforming our guest bedroom into her own space... I never got great "before" pictures, but here are a few of what the room looked like as a guest bedroom:
And, after we moved the bed into the corner... it's nearly impossible to get a picture of the whole room because of the angle of the doorway:Rather than buy a twin or toddler bed (which Kenna is so tall she's already mostly grown out of anyways) we took the queen bed off the frame to just use what we had. We also painted the room our favorite kiddo-green, Christopher Robin's Swing by Disney (and by "we" I mean Matt painted the whole thing while I sat on the bed "supervising" because I was only a few weeks pregnant at the time!). Believe it or not, we have painted Kenna's room this color in 3 different houses now-first in Wake Forest which we moved away from when we were 6 months pregnant, second in Asheboro which we moved away from when she was 4 months old, and now here. We must really love this color!

A work in progress after painting & moving the bed into the opposite corner:
Luckily, it was easy to re-use most of the decor things I'd made for her nursery, like her "K" letter collection and the pink, green, and white paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and it didn't look too babyish. We added a bench under the window for toy storage, and here's what her "big girl room" looks like now!

I absolutely love redecorating, and really love the challenge of trying to make things fun on as small a budget as possible. Check out my craft blog if you want to know more details about the things I made/painted/crafted for the kids' rooms!

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