Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kenna turns 3! part 1

For our special girl's birthday we decided to combine Kenna's love for parks and our love for not being cramped and head to a new park that we had recently discovered with our Sunday School class. Kenna asked for a polka dot party and Linds made it happen! Honeycutt Park had everything we were looking for in a park: slides and swings for all ages, tons of room to run around, picnic tables, convenient bathrooms, and a shelter to let Finn sleep in the shade. As it turns out, the morning of the party was a bit chilly, but Kenna didn't mind at all. Due to a tight budget, we weren't able to reserve the shelter at the park for the day, but in God's sweet providence the shelter had not been reserved and the park remained mostly empty all morning. It was all ours for the majority of the time and the kids had   a blast. Linds went all out and made a huge amount of cupcakes for Kenna to share with her friends, as well as skewers of grapes, gumballs, fruit, berry Kix, juice boxes, and cheese and crackers. For the grown ups, Lindsey was kind enough to think of coffee and donut holes. 
 Kenna grabbed her Momma's scarf to wear while she played hard!

The kids were amazed and excited at the great food Linds made. I love their faces when looking at it all! 
The swingset was great there and Kenna had fun swinging and playing with her friends and family all morning.

 Kenna and her Granddaddy and Nana

 Sweet friends and family celebrating our baby girl! 

 Even Finn ate crackers i honor of his sister! Happy Birthday big girl!

Happy birthday to our sweet blessing! Kenna is a precocious gift from God. She loves to sing and her sweet spirit comes out in a myriad of ways each day. She sings songs to the Lord and we are thankful for all the joy that she brings to our lives each day. Happy birthday Kenna McKay! We love you!

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