Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finn at 15 Months!

My precious boy! You are so strong. Not just physically, but with a strength of character we see already. You are determined and brave, happy and logical. You love to explore, and to terrorize your sister. You are always getting into things, but also quick to come and show us your discoveries.
You just started walking about a month ago, and already trying to run... usually away from us when you know you have gotten a hold of something we might try to take away from you. With a sassy grin, you turn and run. You have also discovered the power of saying "no, mama" and "no, dada" or will answer a question with a simple "yeah."
 You're super ticklish and have the sweetest little fat thighs and chin rolls that especially get you giggling. I can't imagine anyone being able to keep from laughing when hearing that great belly chuckle of yours. You occasionally like to make super loud noises. You have known how to "vroom" your cars for months now and no one had to teach you how. 
You take your job as little brother very seriously. If there is a door open, you feel it is your job to close it. You are always exploring and logically testing out the things you see us doing... brushing your hair with a hairbrush, plugging things in and putting things where they're supposed to go. If something has a button, no matter what it is, you will push it just to see what happens.
 You're a pickier eater and a lighter sleeper than your sister. Though you prefer not to be snuggled much at bedtime, you are generous with your tight-around-the-neck hugs and big open-mouthed "muwah" kisses on our cheeks. You like to have everyone's attention and hate it when your sister takes a toy away from you!
You just could not be any sweeter. We love you monkey man, monkey moo, buddy, and little mister sir.

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Alisa said...

Awww, sweet boy! So so handsome. I love you little man!