Monday, July 2, 2012

Kenna at Almost 4!

My sweet, beautiful, emotional girl. You wear your heart on your sleeve like none other. When you are happy, your joy is obvious with big grins and silly giggles. You're starting to learn to communicate frustrations, disappointments, and already look like a teenager when you roll your eyes. When you are sad, your tears are immediate, and big. You're so expressive there's no hiding what you feel.
Today you asked me for forgiveness for something you did wrong and I asked your forgiveness for my harsh tone in disciplining you. Teaching you and learning these important things with you are the deep joys of my life! I see the Holy Spirit working in your heart and it's beautiful, and amazing to me. You have a desire to tell others about Jesus. You want to know about God and sing his praise. Your favorite books are ones with bible stories and scriptures.
You are always singing, everywhere you go. Sometimes we recognize the songs, sometimes they are little made-up tunes while you play. You love to dress up (ballerinas and princesses are your favorites), you ask everyday to paint or color, and you are learning to swim. You take credit for teaching Finn that "he can walk," and love to help me cook. You like to watch the popcorn popping in the microwave on movie nights with Daddy.
You are everything a little girl should be: princess band-aids, tinkerbell costumes, and pink glitter "glamicures," but also bugs and dirt and running as fast and as hard as you can. You are surprisingly good at puzzles.
You and I are so, so much alike, but seeing your personality bloom and blossom constantly surprises me! You are at an age where I want to write down everything you say because it's all so random and hilarious and emphatic. You already overhear things and understand them when I would have thought they'd be over your head.
You are smart and happy and sweet. You love to pretend and to laugh, and you are so encouraging! You are always quick to encourage others and so empathetic when something is wrong. You have started asking "why?" over. And over and over.

You love animals, especially "baby frogs" (although you do not want to touch them). Your hair is wild and curly and mostly uncontrollable, most days. Just like mine.


Mary Lindsey said...

she has grown sooo much!! Such a precious girl! And that hair - AMAZING!!!!

Alisa said...

Oh, those curls!!! Amazing! Love you Kenna Bear!!