Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo A Day- August 17

Today our big crafty project was finishing making Kenna's 'contribution chart' where she can earn stickers towards little toys and special prizes. We tried to pick jobs that she can do well completely on her own and gets excited about (getting dressed, putting her dishes in the sink, feeding the dog), and added two more attitude-related ones (being a big helper and having a grateful heart). She's so excited to fill it up and earn her prizes!


jill said...

love this idea. i was just thinking about a 'chore chart' the other day for my 3yo. i like 'contribution chart' better, and the tasks you chose.

Jenn & David said...

we have a chore chart for JD but I love the idea of adding the "Attitude" items on there. Those are just as important.