Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo A Day- August 10

When we went to the beach back in July, one of Kenna's favorite things was finding shells. We brought a little bunch of bigger clam shells home and she  has been begging to paint them ever since- and today we did! This girl absolutely lives to paint.

(PS- this is also indirectly a photo of one of my favorite recycles- the 'paint pallet' we use for the paints is one of the little styrofoam trays that fruits and veggies come wrapped in at Aldi. They are the perfect size and shape for several paint colors at a time, and they rinse off perfectly to be used several times over. Then we don't end up throwing away a paper plate every time we paint or buying some pricey gadget. We just don't use the ones that come with raw meat, to be safe.) 

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