Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Juice or Coffee?

Or coffee?
It's a common question in the Brogli household. Coffee usually wins with Mommy too!
Kenna has "her" cabinet in our kitchen where the only things in it are safe for her to play with... tupperware, plastic colanders, nalgene bottles, and this travel coffee mug that she loves. rather than childproofing the whole house, we try to use this system as a way to teach her what she is and isn't allowed to touch... if she goes for the cabinet with the sponges and trash bags etc. we tell her no, but then we have a cabinet to direct her to that she is allowed to play in. It definitely takes more supervision, but works well when we are cooking or putting away dishes for her to have something in the kitchen that she's allowed to play in. She also loves her fridge farm, although she mostly likes to push the button for the song to play over and over!

We've noticed that she loves any toy that plays a song... on her rocking horse she will stop rocking if the song stops playing, she pushes the ball popper button continually to make the different songs play, and she completely wore out the battery on a book that plays children's hymns. She would literally sit on the buttons to make them play over and over!

She is still such a people person, and loves to be in the action of wherever we are!



coffee...no question needed!

Matt and Lindsey said...

well of course if it is delicious jubala coffee!

Jenn & David said...

this is too cute! It has been a while since we have caught up with you all! Kenna is getting so big! :)