Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday School Valentine's

This week I got the opportunity to host one of our Sunday School classes ladies lunches. We do this every month, and it's a great time for us ladies to get together, and for those of us that have kids to let them play together. We've gone to the park and people's homes, and it is always such a fun time! Since it's February, the theme was of course Valentine's day, and one of our fabulous moms made cupcakes for the kids to decorate with sprinkles and candies. We had something like 8 ladies and 8 kids under the age of 4... well, 9 if you count Angela's pregnant belly which we definitely do! We haven't had that many little ones all in the house since Kenna's birthday!.

It was loud, fun, and a little wild, and we had seriously some of the most delicious chocolate cupcakes I've ever had in my life, and some really cute pictures of all the kiddos at the end of the day. It's always so nice to swap stories with these girls, and to see our kids have such a great time too. Thank you all so much, I can't wait for next month!
Ladies in the living room
These were seriously the cupcakes from heaven!
Peyton and Maddie making friends.Carson goes for the icing firstSorry Jennifer, I did not mean to take a picture of you spilling the sprinkles!Little boys like three little birds on a wireKenna digging inPeyton and Haley (our newest littles) barely made a peep the whole time!Seriously, does that get any cuter?Sweet little girly girl!Carson, Georgia, and Jackson playing ball

(PS- Katherine, I stole some of your pictures from facebook- if any of you would like these, please feel free to "steal" them!)

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