Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 Months!

Kenna is 15 months old today! I was looking back through some of our old posts and saw this little month-by-month photo montage that I made for her at 6 months, that I meant to redo at her birthday, but between Thanksgiving, then her birthday, then my birthday, that's a really busy time for our family so it never got done! This is probably the kind of thing that only mommies really get a kick out of anyways. It's so easy to get sentimental when your wee one becomes a not-so-wee one so quickly!

Less than 1 hour old:
1 Month:
2 Months:
3 Months:
4 Months:
5 Months:
6 Months:
7 Months:
8 Months:
9 Months:
10 Months:
11 Months:
12 Months:
13 Months:
14 Months:
15 Months:

Kenna also apparently has the distinct honor of having her 15 month "birthday" on the same day as National Pancake Day, February 23rd. Who knew? So of course we headed out to IHOP for our free short stack to celebrate along with all the other pancake-loving and carb-loading revelers, and for Kenna to have her first taste of pancakes.

She went first for the big scoop of butter, as we thought she might.
Then she picked up the whole thing and started eating it like a sandwich.
I think she was worried we would take it away.
Mmmm pancakes!
Shoveling it right in... we've been having to work hard at teaching Kenna not to toss food that she doesn't want on the floor, and it can make for some really messy restaurant experiences, but I kid you not, there was not a single pancake scrap on the floor when we left. She ate two entire pancakes!
It seems that Kenna may have started a bit of a love affair with pancakes, just like her Mommy.
And with maple syrup (dipped on the spoon) just like her Daddy.


Alisa said...

Slow down Kenna!! How is it possible?? I never saw the 11 month photo. ADORABLE!!!! Could just smother her all over with smooches!

Tara said...

What a fun post! I had no idea about National Pancake Day...we'll have to join in on the fun at IHOP next year!!

And I think my favorite picture is her 9 month shot, with her crinkled up nose. So cute!!!

Jenn & David said...

that is fantastic! Looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating! Can't believe our little ones aren't babies anymore :(

I Own The Internet said...

Your pictures are adorable, I just clicked next blog at the top of the page and got to this one! Thanks for all the wonderful updates, lovely blog! Come stop by and say hi to my blog and me, we spend a lot of time together and are normally in ;)