Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was going to use these pictures as a wordless Wednesday yesterday, but I thought they needed a little explanation. And oops, it's Thursday already! (Truth be told, I've been meaning to post these pictures for months now!)

It has been no secret since day one that Kenna has looked just like her Daddy. We've made all the jokes about it (that the Mommies do all the work and then the babies look just like their Daddies), heard people call her Matt's mini-me, etc, and it has never bothered me for a minute! I have however, also joked that I needed to start carrying some of my baby pictures around to "prove" that she's mine! Literally from one week old, she has been the spitting image of her Daddy:
So here are some pictures of me that I thought looked surprisingly like Kenna:
This one was Christmas of 1983, when I was just a few weeks old- probably not much older than Kenna was in the picture above with Matt!
Me and my grandfather on the Dean side, summer of 1984. This picture makes me smile so much because this grandfather in particular was famous for feeding his grandkids things they shouldn't eat (like chocolate chip pancakes) and I think all of the Dean grandchildren have a picture exactly like this of us on his lap, in just our diapers, eating something with him. My bet would be watermelon! I think the resemblance in this one is striking!
This is one of my all-time favorite pictures from my childhood. The back of the picture says July 1984, so I was a little younger than Kenna is now. We were swimming in my great and uncles' back yard pool in Florida, which they still had up until I was in college and they moved onto a houseboat. And yes, that cutie patootie wrangling the giant float is my brother Jason.
In this one I think I was closer to 2 years old, also one of my absolute favorites of me and my Mom. We were all at Disneyworld/land (whichever one is in Florida). It will be interesting to see if Kenna ever gets that much hair!

I'll have to see if I can get some pictures of Matt as a baby, to see if she looks like him as a baby as well. I do know he had us both beat with those gorgeous dark curls! (I'm guessing this is 1983-ish as well, 2 years old).


Tara said...

How fun to see pictures of you guys growing up! And Lindsey, I definitely think she looks like you in those pictures!

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, Kenna looks JUST LIKE YOU in the picture of you with Daddy Dean!!!! It's uncanny!

Ron & Debbie Stafford said...

Yes, she does look like you in these pics....boy this makes me miss you mom so much....Thinking of you and hugging you from afar....your dad resembles your granddad in that picture--I never saw it before.