Friday, November 5, 2010

23 Weeks!

So, as predicted, I'm not doing too well with this weekly thing! We're already over halfway there to meeting our little boy- the weeks just seem to be flying by so quickly. I think after having experienced the miracle that is pregnancy and birth once already, I feel even more amazed at what God does in our bodies as women and how precious the tiny life is that he sustains in there at is grows!

Baby Boy is 23 weeks old, and in searching for real-life photos of what a baby at this age looks like, I found this article about a baby girl who was born at 22 weeks and survived. According to most hospitals, a 22 week old "fetus" who does not survive birth either because of early labor or abortion, is not considered a life- it is placed in a bio hazard waste receptacle and does not go to the morgue. It is not illegal to end the life of a 22 week old baby in the womb, but if you walk into a neonatal unit and end the life of a baby of the same age there, it is murder. Does that seem strange to anyone besides me? The baby girl in the article weighed only 10 ounces and is about the length of a ball point pen. Her skin is dark because it is barely fully formed. I encourage you to read the article, the photos are amazing! What an amazing gift to be able to serve and worship the God of the universe that holds the mystery of life in his hands.

Instead of trying to catch up from 19 weeks, let's go straight to 23!

How far along:
23 weeks!

Size of Baby:
Just over a pound- a large mango!

Total Weight Gain:
11ish pounds. Still working on staying under 25 total!

Maternity Clothes:
Nothing fits the same way this time as it did with Kenna. "Under the belly" stuff in particular is not so helpful! I feel much bigger, much earlier than I did with Kenna.

Boy oh boy! And we are SO excited.

Little brother moves less often than his sister did, but when he moves he moves big! Especially in the evening after dinner (also when Kenna was the most active) and sometimes first thing in the morning... just the beginning of him waking me up early!

What I miss:
Nothing really! I'm trying to enjoy this time being pregnant with our little man because it's going by so quickly!

I've actually been sleeping a little better recently- less tossing and turning and less bathroom trips.

Noticeable stuff the past 2 weeks or so: increase in stretching ligament pain (low belly pain), some braxton hicks at night when i've been really active during the day, indigestion, and clumsiness! Clumsiness is apparently a big symptom of pregnancy for me, especially as I get physically bigger. I have a self-imposed ban on lifting my laptop now, not because of the weight of it, but because when I drop and break it I will be so bitter at myself! Also, I've still been out of breath a lot.

Best Moment this Week:
Dressing Kenna up for Halloween and thinking of ideas for two kids' costumes next year! Dorothy and the Lion, little Bo Peep and her sheep, Alice in Wonderland and a bunny...

What I'm looking forward to:
Pretty much all of November! I have a craft show this weekend, then my Dad is coming in town, then we're going to Florida for a few days to see my grandparents, then Kenna's and my birthdays, then Thanksgiving! YAY!

5 Month Belly Picture:
We've been so busy I had to settle for a quickie mirror picture (and I forgot to hold up my 5 fingers!). Hopefully I can replace it with a real one soon, before I get any bigger!

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love your update!! You look great!