Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Lindsey comes from a long line of intelligent and creative women. Here is a picture with three generations of these McKay ladies:

Today is her birthday! What you may not know about this beautiful lady, is that she is an ever-changing and beautifully complex woman. She is a lover of Jesus Christ. She is a well-versed and traveled lady. She is fluent in French and craftiness. She is an artist who seeks to redefine her style and craft daily. She is elegant and classy in so many ways and steals your attention when she enters a room the way that Grace Kelly used to steal scenes from Cary Grant. She is a mother who patiently sacrifices her days and nights to take care of Kenna so that I can work and go to school. Lindsey rarely complains and always works hard to teach Kenna wonderful new lessons about life, love, and God. Lindsey is a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary taking classes to help her better minister to a lost and dying world around her. She is also carrying our second child which is a feat unto itself and a daily job. She cooks, cleans, budgets, organizes, decorates, prays for, and seeks to create a life that is exciting and honoring to God daily. I am blessed to know her and, if you are reading this blog, then you are blessed to know her (or of her) too! Please join me in wishing her a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman I know! May your day be filled with tons of these!:

Happy Birthday Momma bear!

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! A beautiful post that was very true!!!