Friday, January 21, 2011

34 Weeks!

How Far Along:
34 weeks! Later this week we have an OB appointment and it will be the first of our weekly appointments. We are getting there!

Size of Baby:
Between 4 and 5 pounds... teeny, but he has a good chance of born healthily anytime past this point.

Total Weight Gain:
Gained 1 pound this week- I'm at an even 20 total.

Maternity Clothes:
I have about three things that fit that I'm rotating- this cold weather doesn't make it any easier!

Man child. Wee lad. Little fellow.

What I Miss:
Putting my shoes on comfortably. Non-elastic waisted jeans. The ability to walk two feet without running out of breath. I'm getting impatient, can you tell?

Oh man, sleep has officially gone out the window. Rolling over is hard, getting comfortable is hard, staying comfortable enough to sleep is hard, and I think I've broken my own record for getting up tons of times for the bathroom. And poor Matt has to put up with my constant pillow-rearranging!

Lots of hiccups and movements... we were all in the car together going somewhere the other day and we sat at a red light watching little man wiggle around- Matt could see it right through my belly! I think I may have felt him turn downward this week, so I'm looking forward to hearing what the OB predicts about that.

Best Moment this Week:
The baby shower. LOVE. More about that soon!

What I'm Looking Forward to:
Having this baby! Seeing Kenna love on him. Getting to put on tiny socks. Being able to put on my own socks again. All the long nights of rocking him and smelling his head.

Funny Cravings:

Nothing too weird, although I have had a hankering for ice cream recently that I've been trying to ignore, and I may or may not have accidentally eaten almost an entire bag of sour cream & onion chips by myself. My appetite is going down though, I'm starving at lunchtime but then not really hungry for much the rest of the day.


Jenn & David said...

I love how you refer to him as "man child" :) Can't wait to hear about the sunday school baby shower!!

leah said...

I may or may not have dug into an entire carton of ice cream this weekend!! haha you sound like you are doing great!