Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Recent Kenna-isms!

Kenna's vocabulary has been exploding in the past few months, which is starting to result in some weird and hilarious things she likes to say. here are a few examples:

She still loves watching the movie "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" which she will ask for by name at least 3 times a day, even if she's already watched it. We hear "watch snowman show?" literally from first thing in the morning to last thing before she goes to sleep.

A close second favorite is the Disney Robin Hood, which she calls something that sounds like "eee gray." If you ask her to say Robin Hood she will say "robin eee gray."

Today she was eating popcorn for snack out of a small toy doll potty. She didn't say anything funny about it, I just found it to be a little weird and crazy.

She loves snowmen, but couldn't quite figure out what to call the penguin next to one on a picture. She finally came up with "snowman bird."

She calls hot dogs "hugs" and corn dogs "corn hugs."

She's a daddy's girl big time recently- candy canes are called "daddy candy" and spaghetti is in fact "spah daddy."

hotmeal = oatmeal

She also has discovered the power of combining words into sentences, beyond just the usual yes or no + another word. She is like a little parrot, starting to repeat everything we say.

When she woke up from her nap the other day, she was standing in her crib yelling about how she didn't want the dog to take her candy... "NO LOOLA CANNEEEE!" at the top of her lungs.

The other day we were all three in the car and drove over a deep driveway that made the back bumper scrape. Daddy was driving and she made sure to point out "whoa, car foff Daddee!" (translation: the car fell off)

She likes to ask us for "more silly, please."

She was fussing in the car and I told her she had a bad attitude and where did her good attitude go? She simply answered "all gone."

She's usually good about letting me buckle her into her carseat without a fuss, and I always say buckle up for safety! Recently she repeated me "bubble up tea!"

The other day she was singing something that vaguely sounded like something about pie... I listened more closely and heard "hap pie to you" = happy birthday to you!

no bro toways = no throw toys

no more meow = no more yelling

She can count to 10 (although she likes to do it wrong on purpose and thinks it's hilarious that she's playing a trick on you) and just this past 2 weeks or so she has learned her ABCs! I did catch that one one video (you can tell she doesn't want to do it at first):

The other funny thing I wish I'd gotten on video was the other night when she and Matt got into her first little pillow fight on the couch. (Pretty cute when Daddies get babies all riled up right at bedtime right?) At first she tried to hit Matt with the pillows, but then she was laughing so hard that she just sat there on the couch while we gently tossed pillows at her- the more they hit her square in the face, the more she cracked up. It was really, really funny!

I wish I could save a little of her toddler-ness in a bottle because it is so precious to see more and more of her personality emerge. We love this sassy and crazy little thing!

Edited to add:
A couple more cute Kenna-isms from February:

sour gummy candy = "hot gum"

Instead of the end at the end of a book she's been saying "amen."

She has a slight confusion about how to use the word "it"- recently she asked for some "chip-its" that she dipped in "dip-it" and cleaned up with her "nap-it" (napkin).

We pulled up to the McDonald's drive-thru the other day & she said very decidedly "Want chicken! and yogurt! and frieses!"

Every time we cough (which has been a lot this week!) she says "achoo Mommy!" or "achoo Daddy!" in this sweet little voice like she is saying God bless you.

"love you, sugar."

We think she might have an imaginary friend & that they communicate mostly by singing. How awesome is that.

I also have to admit that I find it just a little bit sad when she starts pronouncing things correctly, like 'yucky' instead of 'tucky' and 'lotion' instead of 'lo-soap.'

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