Friday, January 7, 2011

Ma Petite Artiste.

Kenna is getting to the age where she really is starting to enjoy coloring as well as stickers and markers and more crafty kind of projects. I don't think I even have to tell you that this Momma is thrilled! She can almost handle (washable) markers without a ton of supervision, but I almost always sit at her little table with her to color together, or let her sit at our computer desk with me.

I had gotten her a little apron before her birthday that I thought would be fun to paint her handprint on each year or something like that, but when I first put it on her it looked so pretty and neutral it reminded me of a French artisan baking bread or painting a portrait.

Earlier this week I thought it would be fun to go ahead and make some Valentines for her cousins- if this baby is a week early like she was, he may be a late February baby, not an early March baby! So if Valentines are going to happen, I need to prepare ahead! So we pulled out lots of pretty pinks and reds and got to work:
Is anyone else tired of there not being any sunshine at all in the afternoons?
My favorite is when she colors with a marker in each hand at the same time... so efficient. I couldn't quite get a picture of it.
While Kenna made Valentines, I made a little chart for her to put her stickers on when she successfully goes potty- she usually gets stickers as her reward, so now she can put one on her chart to see her successes. Another project to keep working on before baby brother gets here!

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