Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday School Shower!

This weekend, baby boy Brogli and I were showered in style!

First off, I just have to tell you how amazing our Sunday school class is- Matt and I prayed for a long time for godly friends and a real sense of community. God definitely provided it in our class! When I think about all the years that we weren't committed to getting up early enough on a Sunday to go to Sunday school and truly get involved in knowing our classmates, I can only think of all the time we wasted not having these great people as friends (and our teachers!). These are the kinds of people who you can call on- ask them to pray about anything from a parent with cancer to a lost pet and they will. They will call to check on you, email encouragement, and share a laugh when you take things too seriously. I know I'm starting to sound like a Hallmark card, but we have made some true friendships and have loved sharing life with all the members!

Every baby born into this class gets completely showered in gifts and more importantly prayers, and everybody signs up to bring the family like a week of meals. It's amazing, and I am so thankful and blessed to be the recipient while having this second baby of ours!
I think this is the first SS event Shannon hosted in her home, and it couldn't have been more lovely! I'm so excited to get used to this all boy stuff- look at what cute decor it made! Loved the little blue booties on the cake:
The only food I requested when asked was "any kind of dip" and I think that meant that every body made their favorite... oh man, I could just live on this table for awhile:
Everyone was so generous with gifts, Matt and I felt so blessed unpacking them all from the car later that afternoon- I can't even tell you! We never expected to have a 'second child' shower, and every one was so thoughtful! There were even some handmade gifts! Jen made the most amazingly detailed hand-painted Noah's Ark onesie, and Jillian made me mommy jewelry- a pair of beautiful earrings with both kids' birthstones on them!
The girls were also sweet enough to include my two sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law in the party. I was terrible about taking many photos, my friend Sarah took most of these! Here is most of the crowd, I was so happy to get to see so many SS friends at once!
I had such a good time that I sat & wrote my thank-you notes that night before I forgot any of the funny jokes and things from the party, planning to take them with me to church the next morning. I even put them in a bag and hung it on the doorknob to not forget them... well, I walked right out the door without them! I just had to laugh because that's how my brain has been this whole pregnancy. I forgot Kenna's diaper bag too!

Thank you again Faith 1 ladies! You are the best!

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