Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kenna These Days

Right now Kenna is all of two and a half... curious, inquisitive, sweet, sneaky, and a little too smart for her own good. We have to watch her every minute to keep her safe and out of trouble, but that's okay because she provides so much fun entertainment right now!

New words and fun things she's saying:

Asking us "How doin'?" or "Whatcha doin'?" or "Have good mornin'?"

Always asking for or looking for baby Finn.

snick/snake = stick

fire cake = birthday cake

musmic = music

coo number = cucumber

scary bird/scary bee = bumble bee

"go bee way!" = go away bee

"Oh no! I poop in it bath!"

Instead of I love you she says "loves you too."

special colors = sidewalk chalk

She has started discovering bugs and it's hilarious. She greets them with a high pitched little "oh!" to warn them not to get too close and then goes in to investigate.
She loves to pretend to go to the store... some things she has told us she is going to buy at the store are diet coke, chichen (chicken), honey dip (honey mustard), and a sammach (sandwich).

She's learning her shapes and her favorite one to say is hexagon. It comes out something like hagong.

She loves to be sung to at night and will ask for her favorites by name. Favorite songs:
"figgy" -Father we thank thee
"creamy" -create in me a clean heart
"more holy" -we cry holy, holy, holy
"momma's song" -finding who we are (my favorite on that cd)
and she will sing Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children on her own which is SO CUTE. She loves to sing it to Finn- still working on getting a video of that.

She loves reading "gooks" and will ask "momma to you?" when she wants me to read her one. Some of her favorites she knows so well that she can recite them in her little way which is also very cute. On constant rotation right now is a big sister/new baby in the house book. (This is an older photo, you can tell by how much less hair she has in it!)
She still doesn't have a ton of hair, but what she does have is starting to get curly, which I love. It looks just like what Matt's looked like as a baby and what mine does now. She's such a fun mix of us!
It's an adorable, wild and fun age... a little frustrating sometimes and a tiny bit exhausting. We are worn out at the end of the day. But oh how we love this girl!

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Tara said...

Such a fun post about your K girl!