Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day!

On Mother’s Day weekend, we had the pleasure of dedicating our sweet baby boy to the Lord in church on Sunday morning. We did this with Kenna at Bayleaf two years ago, and this year she joined us up front with Finn as we committed ourselves as a family to raising him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The kids were both perfect and barely made a peep! I think they were intimidated with that many people staring back at them.

The main thing I wanted to do for Mother’s Day was for us all to go pick strawberries. I have great memories of my mom taking me and my brother and us eating sunshine-hot fresh strawberries all the way home. So we packed Finn up in our frontpack carrier, put on our sun hats, and went!
Kenna was not as thrilled about it as I thought she would be, although she did enjoy sampling the strawberries right off the vine. There were some really big, beautiful fat red ones at the farm we went to. Aunt Alisa and Emmie joined us for a little while, and the girls had lots of fun picking together.
They even had a little farm area with goats that the girls especially liked.
Later in the week, I came home to a beautiful gift in the mail from my sweet husband and kiddos… a silver charm necklace! This one has an “M” and “L” stamped in it to look like it’s carved in a tree. It goes perfectly with the silver “K” Matt got for me when Kenna was born… now I just need an “F” for Finn!

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