Monday, May 2, 2011

Finn These Days

I blinked an eye, and suddenly my newborn is 2 months old, and I feel like he is less a newborn and more an infant each day... always a sweet baby boy though.
He's starting to find his voice, and I absolutely love all the little oohs and ahhs and baby snorts. He's especially snorty first thing in the morning, very ready to start the day together. He makes faces all the time, usually very serious-looking, like he is trying so hard to tell us something.
He is starting to smile and I caught some of the first few real ones on camera the other night. We were sitting on the couch after nursing for quite awhile and I looked down to suddenly see the biggest grins on his face! These are his first smiles (late April):
I know babies' heads have a reputation for smelling like babies and not grown ups, but I swear Finn's head smells exactly like Matt's- he is such a little man! It always makes me think of how quickly he is growing up.

He's a very physical little baby man- he can hold his head up already and loves to stand up on our laps for a few seconds at a time. He stretches one arm out straight while nursing and will gently smack me with it to get my attention. It's uncoordinated, but always takes me by surprise that he can make such a strong movement!

He loves to sit up in the bumbo & watch his little family bustle around. Apparently we're a little exhausting sometimes:

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