Monday, July 21, 2008

back in Raleigh (kinda)

We're in Raleigh this week, finishing up our last... four... days... of work... I think we're going to make it. We've both been anxious to go ahead and get down to Randleman and be settled in one place! I keep having the classic problem of going to grab something, then having to stop and think which house it might be at (nevermind which bag/box/random hiding spot it might be stashed in)... and then realizing it is not at the same house as me! We're staying at the beautiful and luxe Hotel de Brogli (Matt's parent's guest room) and it has been so nice. I have a big, beautiful bathtub at my disposal anytime, and in-laws who have been stuffing me and Baby K full of delicious home-cooked food! Most of the veggies have even been fresh as it gets, straight from their garden. Thanks mom and dad! Hopefully we have not been too obnoxious of houseguests, although we do have one little addition with us who is furry and barks a lot at inopportune times- but maybe all the puppy kisses and snuggles have made up for it!

One of the things I keep leaving in the wrong place is my camera, so of course, I can't post any new house pictures yet. But it is definitely coming together well! We spent overnight this weekend putting up the blinds over the windows, and putting away more dishes. Right now what's mostly left to unpack are the pantry things, my craft room stuff, putting together the guest bed, and then putting together K's room. I've left that for last 1-because we thankfully don't need it right this second, and 2-because I'm so excited about taking my time and making it beautiful! (And because some of the projects I'm planning to make for it necessitate the craft room being organized first).

There's lots of exciting things on the horizon for us, but luckily now that one house has closed and the other is about to close (thank the LORD!) and everything is moved, we can catch our breath a little bit!


Creech Family said...

Down to 18 weeks left!! Hope you guys have a good week and don't have too many things in the wrong house! M&J emailed me twice and tried to call when I was at the beach. They seem to be having a great time.
Take care, let us know directions :) and come see us any time you can!
Mrs C (who is still wondering what Baby K means!!!)

Beth Anne said...

I have a wee present for you :) We need to meet up this week!